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Jarvis AI

Jarvis AI allows you to take advantage of the Expert Advisors Futures Option Arbitrage System.

You can leverage your cryptocurrencies to potentially earn daily CTO in your Cloud 2.0 Wallet.

You can start with as little at $10 and there is currently no limit to the amount you can add to the Jarvis Trading Project.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance, but most Jarvis projects have yielded between 6% – 12% per month paid in CTO which can be converted to Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

With larger contributions to the Jarvis Project, we can teach you how to leverage the existing system to potentially earn 24% per month in CTO.


The Rogue Project allows you to purchase blocks for the chance to win CTO.

Each block can be purchased for 10 DAI and the initial funds will be returned after 30 days.

This project allows most people to get involved because of the low cost of entry.

Try your hand with Rogue. We wish you luck in obtaining the maximum CTO rewards.


The main reason I decided to invest my time & energy into Cloud 2.0 was the training system. I am a go-getter and will jump at a great opportunity when I see one.

I received my link to the training portal and started watching the videos. I binge watched them all and before my friend got back to me the following day, I had already downloaded the wallet, secured it with the Google Authenticator and funded my first project with Jarvis.

The training system gave me all the information I needed to be self sufficient, but I still had the security of my friend and business partner there to answer any additional questions which came up.

The training videos are created by leaders in this industry with decades of experience behind them. If I’ve learned one thing in business, it’s that it’s simpler to follow a proven system than to create everything from scratch.

Take the Cloud 2.0 Wallet for a test ride!

The same week I heard about Cloud 2.0, I was leaving on a 10-day vacation. I wanted to test out the wallet, but I knew I would have limited time & wifi on my cruise.

My friend suggested testing out Jarvis while I was traveling, so I could review my results when I returned from my trip. That’s exactly what I decided to do.

When I made it to my first port, I checked my Cloud 2.0 Wallet and within a few days, I had already earned Cloud Tokens in my wallet. It became a fun adventure. Each day I would fire up the wallet and see how much CTO I earned while I was sleeping.

Some fellow cruisers asked me why I was so giddy, so I showed them the app on my phone. I showed them the 2-minute video, taught them how to download the Cloud 2.0 Wallet and introduced them to the training system.

Who knows? Maybe my next cruise will be paid with my accumulated Cloud Token?

Next Steps…

Have you downloaded the Cloud 2.0 Wallet yet? I suggest taking it for a test run like I did. Test out one of the Projects like Jarvis or Rogue. If you like what you see, then share it with a friend. If you have any questions, I’m only a few clicks away.