Cloud 2.0 Launching Party

A few weeks ago I heard about Cloud 2.0 from a friend. On Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 to be exact.

He is a fellow crypto enthusiast and we were just catching up on the phone. I made an offhand comment about the desire to make a living in the Cryptocurrency Space and with his next comment he introduced me to Cloud 2.0.

The funny thing was that he has been involved with the Cloud Token Project since their unofficial launch in May 2019, and in 4 months he never once mentioned Cloud 2.0 to me.

He had been testing out the Jarvis Trading Bot, a feature on the Cloud 2.0 Wallet which takes advantage of arbitrage in the marketplace and profits through microtransactions. When he disclosed how much he had earned over a few months of testing I was flabbergasted. Not to mention a tad bit offended because he knew I was into crypto trading.

I was leaving for an 8-day cruise that same week and I told him I would check it out when I returned from my vacation. He encouraged me to have Jarvis do some trading for me while I was traveling, so that’s exactly what I did.

He introduced me to the TEAM Training System and I binge watched the 28 videos in the training module. (Now, there are 32 videos in the system). I downloaded the Cloud 2.0 Wallet, secured it as instructed and on September 19th, I transferred some bitcoin to the Jarvis Project. On September 20th, I received my first batch of daily CTO in my wallet.

While on my cruise it was exciting to wake up every morning and know that I had more CTO accumulating in my wallet. The trading market is volatile, and there can be no guarantees of profits, so please take the following information with a grain of salt.

I know most people who keep their money in a savings or money market account might generate 1% in a year. If you’re extremely lucky, maybe you might get 3%. In a great mutual fund, a quick online search showed that most average accounts yielded about a 10% return, but some really successful funds can reap a 25% profit for the year.

Again, this is not financial advice or a guarantee of what you may earn, but when I did a calculation of what I had earned during my vacation, I was averaging 6% a month, or over 70% annually. I liked what Jarvis had done, so I added some more expendable income to the pot. I was taught by a wise investor to never loan or invest any money I wasn’t willing to lose. I pass on this wisdom to you too!

When I returned from my Cruise and was at the airport awaiting my flight back home, I found out that there was going to be an Official Cloud 2.0 Launch Party in Malaysia. I was tempted to extend my vacation and divert to Malaysia, but my responsibilities brought me back home. I had clients I needed to meet with regarding our ongoing projects.

The company hosted a launch party in Malaysia on October 5, 2019. I was kept up to date by our Training TEAM who were attending the event. The photos and videos were exciting to watch and I was happy and proud to see my business partners walk across the stage and receive awards for their hard work building the business over the past several months.

Many new features were added to the Cloud 2.0 Wallet including an upgrade as well as new projects like Rogue. The payment card was also officially released and many new products will be rolled out over the next few months.

I’ll be keeping you abreast of the new features and products. Have a beautiful time exploring Cloud 2.0.


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